The Best Bluetooth GPS Lost Key Finder

There are a lot of bluetooth gps lost key finder such as the Raven Gadgets key finder.

We have all been there! Searching under couch cushions, between messes, and grilling our family members trying to locate those pesky keys that are just nowhere to be found. We know they have to be in the house somewhere- after all we drove home. Lost keys have the magical ability to make a normal morning turn into a very stressful situation in one second flat. Luckily bluetooth GPS key Finders are saving stressed out moms one at a time.

Bluetooth GPS finders are handy little tracking devices that usually attach to your keys. You download an app on your smart phone that is able to track the device at any time. They use signal tracking to help you locate your keys and soon you can carry on with your business, keys in hand. Here are the top 3 lost item finders.

1. Raven Gadgets

Raven Gadgets has been around for a while and is definitely one of the more popular bluetooth GPS key finder. It feature cool, stylish designs, and loud alarms to help find those keys even when it’s in hard to hear places. Their $25 version is a more basic tracker that has a more limited range and softer alarm. The $38 sport version has a louder alarm, larger range, and comes in cool styles, finishes, and colors. It also features a replaceable battery that has to be changed every year or so. They even has a battery program that allows you to purchase batteries at a lower cost if you enroll. You can find out more on their Facebook Page.

Another cool feature about Tile is it was recently acquired by Comcast or Xfinity. This allows you to connect your Tile to your Xfinity account and use their handy voice activated remote control to ask where your missing objects are.

2.TrackR pixel

Another popular Finder is the TrackR pixel. This tracking device will help you locate your items in a close range of 100 feet. It features a ring and LED lights to help you locate items quickly and efficiently. It also features a battery indicator on the app the lets you order a battery from them directly for free. The TrackR pixel even features a button on the device that will ring your phone in case you can’t find it. Another cool feature of the TrackR pixel is it is Alexa compatible. Simply add your TrackR and then ask Alexa to find your missing objects or your phone. This device is prices at $23.95 with discounted rates if you purchase more than one.

3. The Pixie

The Pixie tracker is a 2-in-1 that allows you to not only track your items using audio but also can tell you in exact inches where your itemss are. This would especially be handy if you are in a loud place where you cannot hear your device beep. Another cool thing about the Pixies is even if your phone is off of battery is low you can simply login to the Pixie website from another device or computer and find your phone that way. The Pixie’s range is 50 feet inside and 100 feet outside. Unfortunately, the Pixie only works with Apple IOS systems. The Pixie company hopes to develop and android app in the near future. These trackers use lithium ion batteries that are easy to find in about any store.

Trackers definitely have a place in the market. They are small, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. It truly would come in handy for just about anyone. These little trackers not only save you time but give you security.