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Smart Developer 01 /2010

Motorola Droid 2

Despite some built-in bloatware and poor battery life, the new Droid 2 is a solid phone with a few impressive features.

Meet MeeGo

Android might get all the headlines, but MeeGo, the little Linux that could, may yet become an important Linux for your phones, netbooks, tablets, and cars.

Lighting up the new BlackBerry Torch

Could this be the best BlackBerry yet? The Torch heralds a departure for RIM and sets the foundation for bigger, better, and more exciting things in the near future.

WebOS development with Ares

HP’s acquisition of Palm and the announcement of webOS 2.0 has brought renewed interest in development for webOS. Fortunately, it’s very easy to start building webOS apps with Palm’s browser-based Ares IDE.

Mapping apps for Android

These easy Android map apps offer some features you won’t find in Google Maps.