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Smart Developer issue #2

Smart Developer issue #2 is packed with mobile programming articles and solutions, including:

  • Letter from the Editor
  • News
  • MeeGo IVI : Code for embedded automotive environments with MeeGo's in-vehicle infotainment branch.
  • HTML5: Why get attached to a mobile OS? We'll show you some tools for cross-platform programming.
  • Intel AppUp : Exploring Intel’s app store for netbooks.
  • Rooting Android: Get inside your Android phone.
  • iPad Alternatives: Will the newest tablets from RIM, Asus, and Motorola meet the challenge of the iPad?
  • Galaxy Tab: We try out Samsung's promising Galaxy Tab tablet.
  • Windows Phone 7: Did Microsoft finally score a smartphone success?
  • Adobe AIR and Flex: Use Adobe’s AIR and Flex SDKs to create Flash-based applications for Android.
  • Bada: A simple mapping app will help you get started with Samsung’s bada OS.
  • iOS Geocoding: We show you some tools for building geolocation into your iPhone creations.
  • WebKit: This ubiquitous rendering engine runs inside many web browsers.
  • Near Field Communication: Could this zero-contact interface be the future of shopping?
  • UI Design: Tips for interdisciplinary projects.
  • Hexapod and DARwin: Robots reflect natural forms.
  • Webkey: Control your phone over the web.
  • Gmote: Turn your phone into a remote.
  • App Shopper: We scour the app stores for some great tools to help you take notes, edit text, build better diagrams, and mock up a user interface.
  • Android Development Tools: Programming with Guava, Facebook API, and other alternative tools.
  • 3D Graphics: Add OpenGL 3D graphics to Android applications.

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What you missed in issue #1:

Smart Developer 01/2011

Meet MeeGo

Android might get all the headlines, but MeeGo, the little Linux that could, may yet become an important Linux for your phones, netbooks, tablets, and cars.

Lighting up the new BlackBerry Torch

Could this be the best BlackBerry yet? The Torch heralds a departure for RIM and sets the foundation for bigger, better, and more exciting things in the near future.

WebOS development with Ares

HP’s acquisition of Palm and the announcement of webOS 2.0 has brought renewed interest in development for webOS. Fortunately, it’s very easy to start building webOS apps with Palm’s browser-based Ares IDE.

Mapping apps for Android

These easy Android map apps offer some features you won’t find in Google Maps.

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