Motorola Defy Rugged Smartphone Review

Updated: May.6.2018

An Honest Review Of The Motorola Defy Rugged Smartphone

It is nearly impossible to find someone who dosen’t own a smartphone. With that said, if you are one of the few who does not or you are looking for something new, it can be difficult to decide what to select. Before making a choice, here is some information about this Motorola Smartphone.

The Screen

The first thing that draws many people to this phone is the fact that the screen is made of Gorilla glass. As a result, they don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. For those who are pretty rough with their phones, this is a godsend. On the flip side, the screen if just 3.7 inches, which is relatively small.

Water Resistance

It used to be standard for people to run for a bowl of rice to dry out mobile devices that were accidentally submerged in water. As a result, many phone manufacturers decided to make devices that are water-resistant. This phone is one such phone. Even when dropped into water, it will continue to work as normal.

The Camera

As with most of the smart phones available on the market, the Defy has a camera. This one is 5MP and the quality is pretty good considering the low cost of the device. The problem that many people have is the fact that there is no frontal camera. This makes it impossible to participate in video chat sessions. If that is one of the reasons that you are trying to purchase a smart phone device, this is certainly not the one you should choose.

The Technology

As far as mobile phones go, this one is a bit old when it comes to technology. This means that there are some apps that won’t work correctly since they require a much newer device. This phone is ideal for those who have no interest in using a lot of the more popular apps. Essentially, this would probably be ideal as a starter phone for someone who isn’t looking to do too much with it.


Unfortunately, this device is very slow. Quite a few people who use this phone have complained about receiving notifications far past the time they were supposed to. There are others who have complained about waiting endlessly when using the browser and waiting to access websites.


This device is pretty lightweight in comparison to many rugged phones that are on the market. Anyone who uses this can look forward to having a phone that is tough as nails and able to withstand a lot, yet they will not feel like they are being weighed down and forced to deal with that inconvenience.

As you can tell, this phone has its good points as well as those that are not so great. It is your responsibility to figure out what factors matter to you the most and respond accordingly. With all of the information that was provided to you here, it should not be that difficult to decide if this is a phone that fits your needs.