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The Many Uses Of MeeGo IVI

Updated: 5/11/2018

MeeGo IVI, which is a part of the Linux family, is an operating system that is primarily used for mobile devices. Since its initial release in May of 2010, this OS has seen plenty of success. It’s been used in a number of ways. Read on to learn more about the multiple different ways this mobile operating system has been used.


While a lot of Netbooks run on Windows, there are some devices that utilize the MeeGo OS instead. For example, the Samsung Netbook NP-N100 ran on it. There is also a netbook that is specifically designed to be used with. The device, which is called the Netbook UX, was written using the Mx toolkit.


There are netbooks that are designed to be utalized with it, and there are tablets that are compatible with it as well. The Tablet UX was initially demonstrated in June of 2010. This isn’t the only tablet that runs on it. The WeTab utalized it as well.


Unfortunatly, it hasn’t been utalized on many different smartphone models. With that said, there are a few phones that have utilized a this system. Both the Nokia N9 and the N950 ran with this OS.

Smart TVs

Intially, Intel planned to make Smart TVs that used it. However, these plans never came to pass. While Smart TVs aren’t using it, there are Smart TVs that are running It’s derivatives.

The End

Even though they found some success, it wasn’t quite as successful as Linux hoped it would be. They opted to cancel it in 2011 so that they could focus on other systems instead.

There are quite a few things that contributed to the collapse of it. For one, it was overly dependent on relationships with major companies, and when some of those partnerships fell through, it damaged the development of the OS. Some people in the Linux community were dissatisfied with the way the development was handled.

The Successors

Even though it isn’t around anymore, it has plenty of successors. Linux initially replaced it with Tizen. The Linux community also developed their own successor, which they called Mer. A company in Finland utalized Mer to develop a new operating system, which they called Nemo Mobile.

The Devices That Use MeeGo Successors

There are multiple products that are based on the successors. Samsung had a hand in the development in Tizen, which means many of their products run on this OS. From smartphones to smartwatches, you can find Tizen on a lot of Samsung devices.

Even though the Smart TV was scrapped, the KDE Plasma Active used Mer as the reference platform. There are also quite a few tablets that use Mer, including the Vivaldi Tablet.

Even though it’s been discontinued, you can still find a number of devices that run on this. You can also find all kinds of derivatives as well. It’s clear that Linux managed to make a real impact with this O.S.