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Smart Developer 02 /2011

What's Up with AppUp?

Intel wants a piece of the app store action, but the hardware manufacturer’s AppUp Center keeps the emphasis on netbooks.

Issue #2: Table of Contents

Issue #2 hits newsstands approximately:
UK: March 19, 2020
Europe: March 21, 2020
North America: April 15, 2020
Australia: May 16, 2020


MeeGo isn’t just for netbooks and smartphones. The In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) branch might someday power the computer system on your automobile.

Letter from the Editor: Telephone Friend

The fallout of Nokia’s abrupt exit from the MeeGo development community is just starting to shake through the smartphone industry.

Mobile News!

  • Android Market Gets an Upgrade
  • VMware Demos Mobile Virtualization on Android
  • Google: Renderscript for 3D Rendering 
  • Nokia Embraces Microsoft Mobile Strategy
  • Apple Takes a Big Bite Out of Subs
  • Dalvik Ported to MeeGo
  • Google Shows Off Honeycomb
  • Warner Packaging Movies as iOS Apps