BlackBerry Torch

Updated: March.18.2018

Reasons To Buy

If you are someone that used to love BB (BlackBerry), you were one of many. The Torch is effectively what started BB’s transition to the new age. Not only did it feature a full QWERTY keyboard that was easy and convenient to use, but it also featured BB’s own OS with it’s best in class messenger service. Below, we will be going over some of the things that made it so great.

Reasons It Was So Great:

1. Well Built.

One of the main reasons the Torch was such a great device is because it happened to be well built. It’s specifically 1 of the most well-built phones that existed at the time. Even to this day, it remains one of the most solid phones. Not only is the sliding action buttery smooth, but the phone itself is perfectly balanced allowing for easy typing and offering a satisfying click when opened. Because the back of the phone offers a good amount of rubbery texture, it is very easy to hold and there are no concerns over getting the back of the phone scratched up like you would some of the other phones that were on the market at the time.

2. Amazing Keyboard.

Physical keyboards were and still happen to be the best way to input long blocks of text into a smartphone. The fact is, no other company did keyboards better than BlackBerry. That is what made BB such a dominant force in the industry. They ripped this specific keyboard design straight from the highly praised Bold 9700 which was flawless on its own. The keyboard offered clicky and tactile feel/feedback. Along with this, it came with an optical trackpad that was a great trackball replacement.

3. BB OS and Messenger.

When it comes to what BB did best, everything was available on this phone that you could or would possibly want from them. They did not mess up the OS nor did they mess up the messenger service. Therefore, if you were someone that wanted it because it was a BlackBerry, this would be the ideal phone for you.


1. Screen Resolution.

Unfortunately, the screen offered very little in terms of resolution. Because of this, it offered low-quality viewing of both images and video. While this was a dealbreaker for some, for those that wanted a BB because it was a BlackBerry, it was not as much of an issue.

Overall, there are a lot of different things that made the Torch one of the best options at the time. In fact, it is still a viable smartphone that can be used. It still offers the same features that made it such a great option including the tactile keyboard. Unfortunatly the company has since fallen out from smartphone dominance, but they certainly changed the industry at the time. To this day no other manufacturer has been able to replicate BB’s success with its physical keyboard and the Torch is a shining example of a great smartphone that features one.

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