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Smart Developer is the first technical magazine for developers and decision makers in the mobile application development industry. Our readers are mobile app programmers, power users, mobile sales and integration specialists, and managers who are looking for insights on bringing their products and services into the mobile arena. Smart Developer covers development tools and coding techniques for all major smartphone platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, MeeGO, WebOS, Bada, and Blackberry. We also provide reviews of phones and mobile apps and stories on important developments in the mobile industry.

We deliver the details that are missing from the end-user publications, exploring mobile technology with the eye of the professional. Our advanced and insightful articles reach out to the readers at the heart of the mobile revolution: the programmers and experts who shape opinions and influence perceptions of mobile platforms and products.


Stay Mobile! Keep Smart! 
Dig into the first technical magazine for developers and decision makers in the mobile application development industry! Smart Developer covers development tools, reviews, and coding techniques for all major smartphone platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, MeeGo, webOS, bada, and BlackBerry.

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We are always looking for new articles and new authors. If you feel that a subject is important or needs better explanation then we probably do as well. Writing on something you feel passionate about is always easier than writing about something that does not interest you.

Tutorials, reviews, overviews as well as case studies and news are always needed. If you are a member of a user group then why not tell us about it.

We can handle any type of submission but prefer e-mail . Screenshots are always welcome. Try to give us some help by mentioning the subject in the header of the e-mail or letter.

Current issue:


Smart Developer #3 is now shipping! This fresh issue is packed with mobile app-development articles, including:

  • iOS File Sharing: Add data exchange to your iPhone and iPad apps with iOS file sharing features.
  • Shanzhai: If that phone looks like your phone but isn’t, it might be a Chinese shanzhai imitation. We look at the Chinese smartphone industry and study a popular shanzhai model.
  • Enyo: webOS rolls out a powerful new JavaScript framework.
  • Dell Venue Pro: Dialing in Dell's first Windows Phone 7 model.
  • Motorola Defy : Lots of phone for the money.
  • HTC Desire HD: Take a walk with this well-equipped Android.
  • Samsung Wave II: A new Wave reaches the shore.
  • Future Tech: The PALRO and Predator robotics projects place an emphasis on optical recognition.
  • UI Design: Color management tips.
  • Sencha Touch: Build cross-platform apps with this powerful development framework.
  • Get Started with WP7: A tutorial for the Windows Phone 7 environment.
  • Conder & Darcey: A few simple coding techniques will make your app compatible with a wider range of hardware.
  • Extending Android: Manage files, improve battery life, and monitor your system.
  • Bada Face Recognition : Teach your bada apps to recognize faces.
  • OpenX: Improve the profitability of your apps by rolling in banner ads.
  • AChartEngine: Add charts and graphs to your Android programs.
  • WP7 Animation: Motion tricks for Windows Phone 7 programmers.
  • PlayBook Programming: Create Adobe ActionScript programs for RIM's new PlayBook tablet.
  • App Shopper : We round up some remote control tools for hand-helds.